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sharpies and red lipstick.

There are a few things that always make me feel more 'powered-up' to study.

  1. Espresso.  Duh.  That which sustains all college level and above students.
  2. Good school supplies.  I think all nerds love a trip to Office Max.  For me, this means Uni-Ball Signo pens, fine point, preferably purple; Ultra Fine Point Sharpies in happy shades; note cards with a decent amount of stiffness, one side lined; Accent highlighters (they last longer) and a variety of Post-It notes to mark pages to come back to.
  3. Noise-cancelling headphones.  Seriously the best $120 I have ever spent in my life.
  4. A nice outfit.  Truthfully, I rarely wish to be seen in what I'm wearing at my favorite study haunts, but when I do take the extra twenty minutes to scrub away the look of the undead, I think I study better.  For instance, today I put more thought into my outfit and put on a little mascara and red lipstick (my fave!), and I just feel better.  I could really stand to do something with this rat's nest hair though. 
  5. A snack to tide me over and make the pastries less necessary.  Those of you who frequent coffee shops are familiar with the lack of healthy eats available.  This can be pretty frustrating if you are A) a weight watcher; B) a student that has essentially taken up residence at your local coffee joint or C) both.  Lucky for me, Starbucks has wizened up a bit and added a few healthier and lower calorie options.  I like the dried apple strips and the petite treats.  

I think it's time to go home for a bit.  I have been here since 6:30AM.  It's all worth it, right?