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my movie moment.

I wish I had kept a record of how many of these posts were written on the eve of exams.  It certainly seems to be my favorite time to write...

Life has been particularly exciting lately!  All of these developments are exciting, so I am not going to list them in order because ordering them would take more brain energy than I can spare right now.

Let's start with the one that you make you go, "awwww."  I had an interview last Friday (I will get to that later) in Baltimore for a job that I wanted BADLY.  Interviews are already nerve-wracking, but the fact that I had to fly in to do it (on the same day of interview) made it even more terrifying.  Originally, I had planned to bring Jess.  Since the organization was planning on footing the bill for my plane ticket and hotel room, we were going to just split the cost of her plane ticket.  Once it became apparent that the plan was for me to share a room with someone else, and we looked at costs, it seemed to expensive and I decided I should go alone.  The morning of the interview (5:45AM), Jess drops me off at the airport.  We kiss. I tremble. 

I take my time getting to the gate.  I ate a greasy egg and cheese bagel and proceeded to get heartburn.  Pretty typical morning for me.  For whatever reason, I ended up boarding when my row was called.  I never do that.  I normally wait til the last minute because as I sit and wait for the plane to take off I am acutely aware of how stiff the air seems.  Better to delay.  In any case, I didn't do that this time.  I settled in to my aisle (yes!) seat and busted out Marie Claire (no Connective Tissue studying for me).  Eventually, I heard someone say, "hey, that's my seat."  I look up and see a woman wearing a hat and sweatshirt that Jess has. 

Oh wait.  That's Jess.

After recovering (apparently I had a horrified look on my face... nice Em), I stood up and just let her sit down.  Then I collapsed in to her arms and cried.  Yes.  So I had that movie moment.  In real life.  I think I am still recovering. 

In any case, Jess and I had a wonderful night together in Baltimore, and my interview went swimmingly.  Well enough that I got the position!

So, the position.  This is something I am also still recovering from.  I applied to be on the national Board of Directors for Medical Students for Choice a few months ago.  Hopeful that they would even consider me, I was astonished to receive an email inquiring as to whether or not I would consider applying to be President-Elect.  After a good deal of shock and consultation with Jess, I decided to go for it.  What's the harm, eh?

Well, several weeks later, here I am.  It is a three-year position; President-Elect, President and then Past-President.  I am so glad that I get that year of mentoring... after all, who knows how to run a national organization?  I am thrilled, though.  So excited to be immersed in politics once more--and for my favorite cause?  Incredible.

Other good news that is kind of unrelated: I got in to my hospital of choice for rotations next year!  This is good news because it means that Jess and I can live in domestic bliss in Ypsi/Arbor without a terrible commute for either of us!  We are so excited to live together that we almost can't wait.  I am glad, though, that by the time we move in we'll have been together for a year.  I think that's very reasonable. 

So life has been exciting.  Connective tissue (the unit we are currently learning/memorizing) is actually pretty cool too!  I am burnt out and glad that next week is Spring break, but I have to say that CT is pretty interesting. 

Back to studying. 

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