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euphemisms and other fun words.

As a medical student, I am not prone to using euphemisms.  In fact, in terms of doctor-patient relationships, they're pretty horrible.  While clinical terms are boring and sound so... clinical, they are pretty critical in terms of making a clear point with your patients. 

As a young woman, however, I am fascinated by euphemisms.  Aside from the fact that "euphemism" is a great word, the alternatives people manage to come up with are incredible!  So wonderful, in fact, that the fabulous Vagina Monologues often starts with a long string of euphemisms for vagina.  I would list my favorites, but I am not sure the internet could handle it.  Suffice it to say, there are plenty of wonderful and endearing terms that women put to their nether regions.  

Of course, this cannot be stated without also mentioning that there are probably an equal number of degrading and awful nicknames for the vagina.  I chalk this up to people being jealous, afraid, inexperienced or ignorant.  Or young.  (It takes a bit of maturity to fully understand this physiological delight.)  For whatever reason, there are a whole lot of haters--in theory and in practice.

This blog isn't about haterade though.  It's about appreciation and curiosity.  The Honey Pot is the replacement for the previously beloved (by me) emloves.  In the course of losing a debit card and a hectic first year, I lost my old domain and all of my old posts.  I know.  Sad.  I promise to pay better attention to this sassy lass.  Writing is a great outlet for me, as such, I have no good excuse for my neglect. 

More later.  Let The Honey Pot spill its nectar and feel free to ask questions any time!

Poo-nanny love, Em

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